Wool Jacket Can Fight Cold Weather Winds

When cold winds blow, warm wool jackets come to mind. A quality wool jacket can serve you well for more than one season. Available in many styles and colors, finding your jacket is just a matter of looking. Keep in mind durability, the coldness of your area’s winter weather, and your budget.

Wool has long been known as a buffer from the cold. It contains natural lanolin which makes it water resistant. Although it can keep you warmer than many other materials, it does have one major disadvantage. Some people are allergic to wool and cannot have it next to their skin because of the itching it causes.

If you are one of the lucky ones who can wear wool, consider the popular pea coat style. It is patterned after navy wear and meant to keep the wind outside where it belongs. Before you make up your mind, try on a few different styles to find the jacket that flatters your body type and brightens up your complexion with the right color.

Here is a hint for trying on wool jackets. Go to the store wearing a thick sweater so that you get a better idea of how your coat will fit when you are dressed for cold weather. Shopping off season can save you money. Just make sure that you wear extra layers to mimic the way you will be dressed when you really need your wool jacket.

When you compare one jacket to another, check for good quality, even stitching. One hundred per cent wool will give you more warmth than a wool blend, but wool combined with other materials may lessen the itch factor for some people. Choose wisely and you will have a great looking wool jacket that can last you for many cold weather seasons.

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