Yorkie Puppies – Advice Before Buying A Yorkie Puppy

Having a pet in the house enlivens the surrounding and contributes to the well-being of the family. While this is true in the general sense, not everyone is adapted to a life with an animal around. It is important, therefore, that significant thought should be given when deciding on acquiring a pet.

Taking care of a pet entails responsibilities on the part of the owner. This means a sacrifice of time, money and effort for the lifetime of the pet. For instance, feeding is a daily necessity that cannot be neglected. For furry pets, grooming is essential for the maintenance of healthy coats. Regular visits to the vet are also needed to insure proper care and maintenance of the health of the animals. These factors need to be considered when deciding to have a pet.

When you have made up your mind about owning a pet, the next step to be considered will be what type of animal to get. While a single person has a wider latitude of choice compared to a family with children, compatibility between owner and pet is a must for everyone. Space limitation, temperament, and health concerns are some of the other factors to be thought about.

One popular breed of dog that pet owners prefer is the Yorkshire terrier or the Yorkie. It was the result of interbreeding among terriers brought by Scots into England as rat catchers.  By the Victorian period, the precursors of the Yorkies became fashionable pets. It was introduced into the United States in 1872.

When selecting Yorkie puppies, it is important to consider certain things. First, buy only puppies that are already of viable age. Buying them too young makes for difficult rearing and may lead to casualties. Yorkies that are 3 months or older will ensure good survival rate. Secondly, get puppies from trusted breeders only. Secure proper documentation like vaccination records so that you have a complete medical history of the dog. Third, ensure regular veterinary checkups to ensure that they are in tiptop shape. Check their eyes, ears, and teeth regularly and report to the vet any unusual growth or discharges that you observe. Yorkies also need regular grooming because their hair tends to grow long and gets tangled easily.

Yorkies are not particularly frisky dogs and does not need rigorous exercise. Letting them out for a walk every now and then will help in dissipating boredom and pent up energies. When walking, keep them on a leash for their protection as they tend to get into fights with larger dogs due to their smaller size. When indoors, make sure that they are not left by themselves with small pets because of their propensity to smother them. Yorkies are descended from hunting animals which makes them instinctive and curious.

A well-trained Yorkie is a good house companion and is a good guard dog. They are also resilient and can easily adapt to new environment. If cared for well, they may thrive up to 15 years with little maintenance needed.

So if you are thinking of owning a pet now, why not start with a small pet and get a Yorkshire puppy?

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