Your Firepit Will Look Beautiful Longer With A Patio Furniture Cover

Campfires have been popular for decades - every old western movie shows people gathered around the fire at night. If you've ever been camping, you know how great it is to sit and talk around the fire.

Fires have fascinated people for decades. Your troubles all fade away as you sit there talking or just listening to the sounds of the fire. Used to be that only the rich could afford to have a someone come in & build a firepit on their patios.

Now, for a couple hundred dollars, you can have your own portable firepit on your patio. If you keep some firewood and matches handy, you are all set to enjoy an evening around the fire, even on weekdays. Unless you have had a recent rain. Then you will have wet wood and a firepit full of water.

You can dump the water out, but you'll be dumping nasty water and ashes on your patio. You can try to dump it in a bucket and carry that to another part of the yard to dispose of. Both of these ideas will work, but neither is really good.

Most firepit manufacturers will give you a thin vinyl cover with your purchace. It won't withstand falling limbs or high winds, though. What you really need is a good quality patio furniture cover for firepits. A good one will be made of heavy-duty vinyl or PVC coated fabric. The heavy duty vinyl versions usually have a flannel backing for added strength and protection. The ones that are PVC coated are usually treated to withtand UV rays and cold weather cracking.

One of the signs of a good patio furniture cover is that it will have an elastic hem or an adjustable drawstring that tightens up around the bottom of the firepit to keep the cover in place. Another thing to look for are vents - these let the wind blow through rather than billowing up the cover. They also kept condensation to a minimum.

A cover for your firepit will keep it dry and ready to use, plus it keeps the ashes in the pit, rather than blown all over your patio.

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