Your Newest Weight Loss Buddy – Your iPhone

If you've ever been on a weight loss journey only to be sabotaged by a weight loss buddy you're not alone. There are literally thousands of resources for you to reach out to to find a companion to help motivate you to stay on track of your healthy weight loss journey. Take your iPhone for example. That's right we said your iPhone. It can help keep you motivated on your weight loss journey, give you a place to track what you ate, tell you how many calories was in what you ate, motivate you to exercise, track your exercise, share your exercise with your friends on facebook and much much more.

How Your iPhone Can Be Your Best Weight Loss Buddy

If you are looking for a diet plan that works then you may want to join The New Weight Watchers Points Plus Program. A monthly pass gives you access to etools and most importantly the new free download of the Weight Watchers Points Plus iPhone Application. Talk about having it all right in the palm of your hand. Inspiring articles to help you lose weight, stay on track and motivate you to try new things to further your weight loss journey, interaction with other online weight watcher members, and a complete library of foods you can track and manage right in the palm of your hands.

If you don't want to spend money on Weight Watchers. Try a free iPhone app called LoseIt! LoseIt is a free weight loss tracker which also puts a database of foods and their caloric values in the palm of your hands. The app now syncs to their website at You can share your progress with other LoseIt subscribers.

It Will Motivate You to Get Moving!

Every iPhone comes with the Nike+ program built in. A simple Nike+ sensor attached to your sneaker will help you keep track of your runs or walks. It will sync up with a Nike+ online account so you can keep track of how far you walked/ran, how many calories you burned, the route you took can be mapped, and your activity can be posted to your friends on facebook. Graphs can show you your progress and you can also sign up for challenges and join a community of Nike+ users.

The Nike Training app is also a useful tool to add to your iPhone. A free app that gives you a number of strength training workouts to follow right on your iPhone. There are video samples of each exercise, and as you go through the workout a timer is displayed and you are prompted to move from exercise to exercise.

There are many motivating applications available to help you follow your healthy goals and find the best ways to lose weight fast. Many of them won't cost you a cent and since you carry your phone around with you everywhere you go. Why not let it be your right hand and buddy for losing weight?

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