Your Two Options to Fax Through the Internet

If you are still using a fax machine, let me tell you my friend, you are getting stuck in the past.  Nowadays the fastest and most effective way to send and receive faxes is through the Internet.  But first you need to understand the two options you have when it comes to this new technology.

The first option you have is the use of fax software.  These are programs that after being installed on your computer can help you receive and send faxes from your computer.  This was the preferred method for faxing when email fax first arrived.  Software for this purpose has been evolving over the years and today we can find different solutions according to the client’s needs.

When looking for a faxing application, make sure is the right one for you.  Don’t opt for fax solutions for businesses or fancy software if you are just planning to fax for personal purposes.

Your other option is to fax with the help of email fax services.  Services of this kind appeared some years ago and in a short amount of time, they have become the preferred method for sending and receiving fax online.  Among the top names in this industry we have Ringcentral, Nextiva, Myfax, eFax, Rapidfax, just to name a few.

With services you will be able to fax online by paying a monthly subscription fee.  There are many advantages in using a fax service.  The best of all is that it frees you from hardware.  With fax machine and even software, you need to be in the office to receive fax.  With the help of fax services however, you can fax anywhere in the World as long as you have an Internet connection and a computer. Modern features also enable you to fax within your mobile phone or gadget such as an iPhone and iPad.

To get started with email fax services, it is better to take a look at the best companies to start.  You can start with them for free, as they are happy to give you 30 day free trials.  This also includes your free fax number, through which you will receive documents from both computers and machines.

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