Zero Tension Mouse Review

Computers have become a big necessity in work, school, and absolutely everywhere. For this reason, many long-time users of computers gradually develop this musculoskeletal injury called ‘Repetitive Motion Disorder’ (RMD) and other muscular injury related disorders. Repetitive tasks and sustained odd position in using mouse for hours are the culprit of such disorder. If you suffer from this kind of disability, it becomes very difficult for you to use computers. More specifically, the simple maneuver of mouse can be very painful and disappointing.

Here comes the solution to those who suffer RMD. With the Zero-Tension Mouse, you do not have to suffer the pain associated with using a traditional mouse. This input device gives the hand the opportunity to completely rest in a more natural way. It sustains "handshake" or “thumbs-up” position, which is probably the most natural and most comfortable position for the hand. Hence, hand and arm muscles are relaxed. How do you use this kind of mouse? This product is used with your hand in a vertical position. The bottom of your hand comfortably rests on the base. Wrap your fingers around the handle. You can see two buttons: use each with your middle and index fingers. These buttons serve as the right and left click functions of the traditional mouse. A scroll wheel can be found at the top. It is controlled easily with the thumb. To prevent any accidental clicks, you can place your thumb on the extra space found at the left to keep your thumb away from the scroll wheel. This device is designed especially to conform the contour of the hand. It can be moved in any direction without creating tension on fingers, wrist, and arm.

The device does not only require you to position your hand and arm in a vertical position. It also requires you to change your sitting position in a more appropriate manner. Since it is your arm that mostly controls the mouse, it is best to keep your arm close to your body and position it in a 90 degree angle.

Relax the hand- this is the main purpose of the product. You can maneuver it with ease in any direction. Most mice require stronger grip for it to be moved. Meanwhile, this device does not require any gripping effort.

Here is the most amazing thing about the product. Tests have been conducted and results have revealed that no other computer mouse relaxes eight muscle groups as this device does. Thus, RMD and other muscular injuries brought about by muscle overuse are prevented.

Hand sizes differ and so, this product is also created in various sizes. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes. It is plastic made. The small and medium units are black, while the large ones are clear ice blue in color. Hence, you can readily see through its internal components.

The Zero-Tension mouse connects via USB port. It is compatible with Windows 98, Windows 200, Windows Millennium Edition, and Windows XP. It is also compatible with Mac OS 8.6 and higher Mac versions. This does not require software installation. You can just plug and use it right away.

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