Zoysia Grass Seed Review

There are several ways to enhance the looks of your home. One of those outstanding ways is through seed planting. By doing this, you can improve your home and give a well-groomed appearance. To give you a suggestion on what to use, the zoysia grass seed can be a great example.

Nowadays, zoysia grass has been considered to be the most exquisite lawn. This type of grass is suitable during seasons and climates having warm temperatures. The seed used which is zoysia grass seed originated from the Japonica grass family. This family is famous for its lesser plant density and has the ability to endure cold temperatures. It is also a great way to use zoysia grass seed on fescue lawns to have a more beautiful lawn in your home. Zoysia grass is usually dark green in color.

Using zoysia grass seed can project an exquisite type of lawn that doesn't even need to be monitored frequently. Moreover, you can always expect it to be green in color for at least a year. Zoysia grass has three species: the Tenuifolia, Matrella and the Japonica.

Two of the most common varieties of the zoysia grass seed are the Compadre and the Zenith. With regards to the Compadre, you do not need a lot of fertilizing and they can sprout quickly as well. Furthermore, watering it frequently is unnecessary and it can withstand drought seasons.

On the other hand, Zenith can endure cold temperatures and is suitable in a light shade. Although it has a slow growing process, it has been known to grow aggressively. It can also maintain its color for a long time without the need of frequent maintenance. Unlike other grasses, you do not need to mow it often as well.

However, it is advised to plant zoysia grass seed on a well-prepared seedbed. Although they can be planted together with other types of grasses, it is not recommended since there is a high chance that failure will take place. It is imperative to cut the existing grasses so that no obstacles can hinder the seed from sprouting. When planted on a fresh seedbed, the seeds will usually germinate in approximately ten days. Should you wish to hasten the germination process, you may want to water them twice a day.

There are certain stores selling various seeds that can assist you in choosing the right type of zoysia grass seed. They are usually mindful about those types that can endure different temperatures and can provide you the proper suggestions. Of course it is still your responsibility to have a lawn in perfect condition.

The location will also affect the planting process. In using zoysia grass seed, the temperature of the soil should be about 70 degrees. The month of June until August is the perfect time to begin planting since the lawn should already be in good condition before winter season arrives. You should also know that the green color shifts to golden brown during the winter season.

Finally, it is irrelevant to do a lot of irrigation when it comes to zoysia grass seed. If there haven’t been any raining days, you can just water them. Rest assured that these seeds can create a stunning lawn that you will surely enjoy for many years.

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